When Your Family and Friends Don't Support Your Weight Loss Goals

Let's face it: dieting can be really hard. But dieting gets even more difficult when your friends and family don't support your weight loss goals. It seems like you are in a battle against the world when you have a mother-in-law cooking tempting treats or a husband that tells you he "loves a little meat on your bones." But are they looking out for your needs or are they being saboteurs? Try asking these questions and see.

Is my weight appropriate for my height, age and body type? In the U.S.A. there are many people who are overweight and even obese. But some people diet when they simply don't have to. Some have eating disorders where they think they are heavy when they are actually quite thin, even dangerously so. If your weight is appropriate for your height, age and body type - then your family is simply concerned for you. It may be a good idea to seek counseling. Speak to your doctor for the next best step.

Does my family "push" food on me the moment I say I'm going on a diet? Sometimes our friends and family truly want us to improve our lives because they love us and they only want the best for us. But there is a part of them that is scared somehow that if we change, something about our relationship with them will change - and that they can't face. Dealing with this person can be challenging but the best thing to do is to avoid the food pushed in your face. Confront them gently that they are offering you food all the time -- they may simply not realize they are doing it. Or if they do realize they are doing it, your mentioning it may make them stop.

My family doesn't support my efforts for other matters. When your family doesn't support your choice of career, husband or other personal goals - they may simply be a critical or difficult person in your life in that they are difficult to please. If you realize that a family member or friend is unsupportive, you need to ask yourself, "Why am I trying to gain support from this unsupportive person?" Putting yourself in this position is a lose-lose situation. You just aren't going to get what you want. Dealing with them is going to put you down every time. It is better to be around the people that really do support your weight loss goals.

Do your family members have weight problems - or other issues they aren't facing? If you are embarking on a diet and you have family members or friends with weight issues, your dieting may make them just a little bit uncomfortable. In some way your diet is saying that you are unhappy with how you are - so perhaps you are making them question if they should be unhappy with themselves. They may feel guilty that they are not dieting themselves. Getting you to go off the diet has benefits for you because they can avoid the issue.

Are your relationships with family or friends competitive in nature? If your relationships with loved ones have a competitive streak - this could work to your advantage if they go on a diet and the two of you spur each other on in an encouraging way. But sometimes competition goes a little too far. Competition can have a nasty streak and people can wind up putting each other down. If you wind up in a position where someone is always trying to "better" themselves by putting you down, this is not someone to turn to for support.

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