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Family Manager® Personalized Makeover
Makeover Action Plan

You will access the exclusive Family Manager® Online Self-Assessment where you rank your stress levels in the 7 areas of your home management; as well as clarify your hope and desire for a new reality in your home. As a result of this process, you will receive a personalized Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan that reflects your priorities, your values, your desires, your stress hot spots and areas you would like to change.

Choose from two Family Manager® Makeover options, each of which allows you to:

  • Get organized and reduce clutter for a more peaceful home
  • Plan meals and grocery shopping to save time, money and stress
  • Stop money "leaks" in your budget, so you can live more efficiently
  • Plan birthdays, events and holidays with greater confidence and success
  • Find time for yourself to experience more balance, well-being and fun
  • Create a family team spirit to promote healthy, happy relationships

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    Online Card Sending Service
    Send Out Cards

    Send a REAL card, with a REAL stamp, in the mail for about a dollar... all from your home computer! NO card store, NO stamps, and NO post office needed. This service is great for sending out cards for personal or for business use. You can create holiday cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, or cards for special events. You can send 1 card or 3000 cards.

  • There are over 14,000 different card designs to choose from
  • OR upload a digital photo and make your own custom card design
  • Upload photos, logos, or coupons
  • Type in your personal message
  • Print it in your handwriting, with your signature
  • The card is placed in an envelope, stamped, and mailed for you!
  • You can even send a box of cookies, brownies, gift cards, or other gift items.

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    Craft Happy Kids
    Craft Happy Kids

    This eBook begins with why you should let your children enjoy crafts and then provides enough craft projects to keep your child busy for a whole year!

    Chapters include:

  • Crafts Specifically For Smaller Hands
  • Craft Projects and Ideas That Can be Made Any Time of the Year
  • Holiday Specific Crafts
  • Easy Craft Projects Using Things Around The House
  • Resources For Inexpensive Craft Supplies and more.

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    Family Routines to Make Your Household Run Smoothly
    Family Routines to Make Your Household Run Smoothly

    This eBook teaches you great routines that will help your household operate more smoothly. Here are a few things that you'll learn from reading this eBook:

  • How to handle wake up routines - Is it tough getting everyone out of bed in the morning? Learn how to get everyone up on the right side of bed. Hint: It doesn't consist of banging a pot with a spoon and shouting, "Rise and shine!"
  • How to end bedtime battles - Five great methods to get your children to bed on time without the fuss.
  • How to assign household chores - Everyone needs to do their share, and everyone must feel proud of getting it done. Informative tips on creative household management.

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