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Send A Card...Make A Difference...Build A Business

Send A Card
Have you ever thought about what's involved in the process of sending someone a simple card?

First, you have to go to the greeting card store and stand around in the isle so you can read through the cards and find "just the right one".

Then, you have to go to the post office to purchase a stamp because you couldn't find one at home. While you're there, you borrow the cashiers pen so you can hastily write a short note inside the card.

All the while, you're dragging protesting kids in and out of stores and their complaining because you're not buying them the candy they want.

Who knew that such a simple task could become so difficult? But there is a better way...

I found an amazing service that enables me to send a REAL card, with a REAL stamp, in the mail for about a dollar... all from my home computer!

No stores. No stamps. No protesting kids. Who knew?

The best way for you to really experience this simple and time saving service is to use it yourself. Send a couple of cards for free... on me! (There's only three easy steps to follow.) Then you can come back here and fill out the form below if you have any questions or comments for me on this service.

This service can help you save time, money, and headaches :-)

Make A Difference
Sending cards to people close to you can make a difference in THEIR life.

Believe it or not... sending a card to a relative or a friend can really make a difference in their life. It may seem like a simple act at the time but you never know when you could have caught them on a bad day or they could have just received some bad news. They go to open their mailbox and find a warm, heartfelt card that you sent them. The bit of time that you spent investing in someone else's life by using this amazing service to pick out the right card and craft a really special message for them could be exactly what they needed at that moment in time.

There is another aspect that this card service allows me to do and that is to be able to act on my promptings. What are promptings? A prompting is a heartfelt thought to reach out to others in kindness. We need to listen to these promptings and act on them as soon as possible because they are important and happen for a reason. This card sending service enables me to act quickly on my promptings and helps me to get a card out for that special person I am thinking of fast.

Sending cards to people close to you can make a difference in YOUR life.

There is a popular concept out there right now called the law of attraction. Basically, what this concept teaches is whatever you send out into the world, whether it's positive or negative, will eventually make it's way back to you. For example - If you are a positive person and try to be positive in every situation you find yourself in; eventually something positive will come back to you. You will be able to attract positivity in ways you could never imagine by sending people cards with heartfelt and encouraging messages.

There is a lesser known concept called reciprocity. An example of reciprocity would be when you do something good for another person they will feel the need to do something good for you too. I'm not suggesting that you do nice things for people just to get them to do nice things for you. This is just something that happens naturally due to the human need to reciprocate a kind gesture.

One last point. And this may step on some toes...

Humans, in general, tend to be self-centered and think only about themselves.

"I'm so tired all the time", "I really need to lose some weight", "I never get to do this or that", "I can't afford the things I want", "I don't have enough 'me' time..." and it goes on and on. When you stop thinking about yourself and turn your attention to those around you, this self-centeredness seems to disappear. This is just one other way that thinking of others, acting on promptings, and putting out something positive into the world can really make a difference in your life.

Build A Business
If you already own your own business, then you know that running a direct mail campaign can be effective. But did you know that if you send your customers a carefully selected greeting card that includes a heartfelt message without any mention of your business or what you are selling can be even more effective? In fact, it can double or even triple your business.

Who do you think your customer will mention if someone they know is looking for your product or service and you had previously sent them a thoughtful birthday card or a card just to say hi?

If you don't have your own home business but have always dreamed of running one, now you can... by showing others how to send cards and teaching them to do the same.

You can join other moms just like you who are growing their greeting card business from home and still have time for their families. Some moms run their greeting card businesses part time and some full time. It's up to you and how much time and effort you want to put into your business.

I have a growing team that you can join and I can show you exactly how to start and grow this fun and profitable business.

With this exciting home business you can help others send a card, make a difference, and build a business.

Join me today by clicking this link. Please follow the three easy steps and then come back here and fill out the form below. I will contact you about joining my team and answer any questions you may have.

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