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Mom - Think About The Answer To This Very Important Question:


busy mom

If you answered "my house runs me" -- first let me congratulate you on your honesty. Second, let me assure you that I can help.

Don't worry, I'm not one of those naturally- born-organized Martha Stewart-type creatures, who will bore you with a lecture on how and why to scrub your bathtub grout or fill your email box with tons of cleaning instructions.

busy mom

No, I'm a real life, naturally-born-domestically-challenged mom, just like you might be.

In Fact, If You're Anything Like Me You Probably:
  • Grew up with a mother or housekeeper who did all of the housework, so you never learned how to clean, organize and maintain a home! (You don't even know where to begin!)

  • Assumed that one person should handle pretty much everything related to home keeping -- and don't know how to get your husband involved or teach your kids to pick up after themselves.

  • Have felt like you are constantly fighting a battle against clutter -- and clutter keeps winning.

  • Have been amazed by the never-ending myriad of tasks that are required to manage a home including: constant meal planning and preparation, bill paying and budgeting, scheduling and errand-running, holiday and birthday-partying planning, cleaning and organizing, plus trying to take care of yourself and maintain important family relationships. No one ever taught you how to do, and juggle, all of this stuff at school!

  • Ended up hating all of the housework at times and yes, even felt a little bit resentful...

  • Kept searching and searching for "solutions"; that "magic bullet" to make managing it all (almost) effortless! You watched videos, tried Flylady, read books on housekeeping, healthy eating, time management, organizing and budgeting -- and not much changed.

  • Kept seeking something that would make home keeping so simple that it would just "CLICK" into your life (and maybe you could even get your kids and hubby on board)...but nothing ever helped or "clicked"...

  • Nothing ever Helped Me Either..Until I found The Family Manager® System!

    The Family Manager® system finally did work for me because it didn't ONLY help me with housework! Rather, it taught me how to manage all 7 departments of my home! I learned time-tested, mom approved solutions for the following aspects of my home:

  • Time & Scheduling
  • Home & Property
  • Food & Meal Planning
  • Family & Friends
  • Finances
  • Special Events
  • Self-Management

  • It was a totally comprehensive and effective solution for me!

    I really love an all-in-one solution that doesn't just teach me only one or two aspects of what I need to learn. Sometimes with all-in-one solutions there are different parts of the system that are weaker than the others or leave holes that you need to figure out on your own but I didn't find that even once with the Family Manager® system.

    I went through Family Manager® University and became a Certified Family Manager® Coach. As part of that training, I completed a Family Manager® Online Assessment and received a Makeover Action Plan and realized through that process how comprehensive the system really is.

    Family Manager Assessment

    Now I Can Show You How To Create a Smooth-Running, Warm and Welcoming Home -- Without Running Yourself Into The Ground!

    busy mom

    Click Below To Find Out If The Family Manager® System & Assessment Could Be The Right Solution For You Too!

    You Have Two Options:

    OPTION 1: Learn The Basics Of The Family Manager® System

    OPTION 2: Learn More About The Family Manager® Assessment & Coaching Process

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