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Moms! Before you pull out your hair or keel over from exhaustion...READ THIS PAGE!

frustrated momYou're juggling many jobs--running a household, nurturing children, making a living. Many of you are caring for aging parents, finishing degrees, and volunteering in the community. You're striving to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, and find time for personal development. When you have questions, you need answers you can trust -- fast!

Life is complex, but it can get simpler--and much more satisfying. Tips For Moms is here to provide you with the information you need to succeed at the most important job you'll ever have. Here you will find real solutions to frequently asked questions plus hundreds of ways to make every day easier. Tips For Moms will help you transfer management skills and strategies you already know to the business of running your home and personal life.

Getting Down to Business

You oversee an economic institution that includes such services as facility and resource management, meal preparation, child care, education, and transportation, to name a few. Using the strategies and tactics of successful business managers will help you realize your dream for a happy, organized home. Here are the 10 most important things you need to know about your job...

Key Concept: Use the same skills and strategies successful business managers use -- delegation, team-building, forecasting and SOPs -- to create a smoothly running home.

1. Know your job description.
Run your home from the perspective of an executive manager of the most important organization in the world. The Family Manager® Creed summarizes your role.

I oversee the most important organization in the world
Where hundreds of decisions are made daily
Where property and resources are managed
Where health and nutritional needs are determined
Where finances and futures are discussed and debated
Where projects are planned and events are arranged
Where transportation and scheduling are critical
Where team building is a priority
Where careers begin and end
I am a Family Manager®

2. Manage by department.
All of your family management responsibilities can be better managed when categorized in seven distinct departments and supervised accordingly:

  • TIME & SCHEDULING -- managing the family calendar and daily schedule; dispatching the right people to the right place at the right time with the right equipment

  • HOME & PROPERTY -- overseeing the maintenance and care of all your tangible assets, including your belongings, your house and its surroundings, and your vehicles

  • FOOD -- meeting the daily food and nutritional needs of your family

  • FAMILY & FRIENDS -- dealing with relational responsibilities as a parent and spouse, and with extended family, friends, and neighbors

  • FINANCES -- managing the budget, bill-paying, saving, investing, and charitable giving

  • SPECIAL EVENTS -- planning and coordinating occasions - birthdays, holidays, vacations, garage sales, family reunions, and celebrations - that fall outside your normal routine

  • SELF MANAGEMENT -- caring for your body, sharpening your mind, and nourishing your spirit
  • 3. Know your mission.
    What are your core values? What's most important to you? When your children leave home, what memories do you want them to take with them? Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a yardstick against which to measure the many decisions you make daily.

    4. Manage according to how you're wired.
    Each person has a unique operating style - a certain energizing way of managing and accomplishing things. When we work in harmony with our design, instead of trying to be like someone else, we can better manage our home and personal life.

    5. Use a Daily Hit List.
    Selectively choosing each day what you will Do, Delete, and Delegate will help alleviate the stress and panic caused by excessive demands on your time and energy.

    6. Practice team-building and delegate wisely.
    All good management is about sharing responsibility, helping each person find their niche, and empowering them to succeed. Assign household tasks according to age and skill level, strengths and weaknesses, and time availability.

    7. Communicate and negotiate.
    Every organization has issues and conflicts. Just as in business, families must learn to communicate their feelings and preferences in healthy ways and negotiate their way to fair solutions and mutually agreed upon expectations.

    8. Create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
    Routines are essential to every successful organization. Everyone needs to know who is responsible for what, what the freedoms and restrictions are, and how to follow through on an assignment. The hundreds of tasks, large and small, required to keep life running can usually be fitted into routines that keep you from having to reinvent the wheel every time the garbage needs to go out.

    9. Manage time and resources.
    Family Manager® strategies such as the 5-Minute Maxim, Bartering, and Advance Work, will help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and create more time for things you enjoy.

    10. Be committed to your own personal life support system.
    Know your "no-matter-whats"--the daily routines and personal habits that you never skip--even when life falls apart.

    Excerpt selected from "The Busy Mom's Guide To A Happy Organized Home" Written by: Kathy Peel, America's Family Manager®

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